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Welcome to OPSEU Local 571 - Online!!!!.....Please visit often to keep informed, as YOU are the UNION!......Please email me your email address so that I may send you information IMMEDIATELY upon availability.....QUESTIONS??? we will get you the ANSWERS!....In solidarity, Rob Hancock, Webmaster and Steward.

**** Welcome to OPSEU - Local 571 ****

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Your Local Executive Committee includes the following nominated/acclaimed to Office.

Your Labour Management Committee (LMC)
(next meeting will be in September, 2001)

Market Adjustment by Scarborough GeneralClick here to see a copy of the "Letter of Understanding" that we hope to get for our members as well.

What's on your mind

We encourage all members to attend General Membership meetings, to move our local forward together!  Dates will be posted on OPSEU boards and also listed here, along with the agenda.  Thanks.




Steward's Meeting - Next meeting TBA

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Let's move forward together!

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